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Self-Care for the Entrepreneur


Check out these transformative courses and take action for your self-care and self development now.

Finding valuable information that has been collected and crafted into useful and memorable bite size pieces can be a wonderful find. Discovering one of these that can also transform the way we think and live for the better is a treasure.

Here are three courses that can transform the way we think about creativity, emotions, art, and innovation and how they contribute to life, happiness, and productivity in different ways. They have the potential to be truly transformative for you.

Three Transformative Courses

In this course by Libby Seery, students learn, through over 50 exercises and activities, to create art as a means for self-healing and self-discovery. Learn to create without judgement, manage mood, relax, and heal. Tap into zen through the creation of art.


5,000+ Reviews

In this course by Rajiv Narang, students learn how to tap into new levels of creativity, how to self-inspire, and how to maximize creative and innovative thinking with examples drawn from the greatest thinkers in the arts and sciences.


70+ Reviews

In this course by Kain Ramsey, students learn practical CBT tools that you can use in your life and the lives of others to better relationships, communication, and compassion. Break through to new levels of understanding human interaction.


58,000+ Reviews

Important Note: These courses go on sale 2-3 times per month for as low as $15. Keep the page open or add courses to your wishlist on Udemy and watch for the sales!

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