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Start With Discovering Your Gift

by | May 31, 2020

Essentials for Success 

Theres something it has taken me a very long time to recognize. The universe has been trying to help me. I have come to believe that it has been helping all of us. We just dont always see it.

It starts as a whisper, but can turn into a roar. It is ever-present, trying to show us the way, like a loving parent trying to guide a child through a dark wood to a lighted field — if only we’d listen.

If we listen, we can be guided to our purpose which resides in the expression of our gift.

It has been my experience that the active and energetic universe, to and through which we are all connected, bounces atoms around in a way that leaves clues.

We can choose different paths. We have free will. We can choose to grow or not, choose to learn or not, choose to contribute, choose to use the gift we’ve been blessed with or not.

But, ultimately, the universe seems to seek out harmony.

We each have a gift with which to make our contributions. We each have a purpose.

When we wander off the path and away from the full expression of our gift, the universe warns us. We have stepped off the yellow brick road and flying monkeys are coming.

Your Gift Frees Your Power

A person isn’t limited by their gift. It’s their gift which sets them free. It sets them free to express their fullest potential. It sets them free to see, understand, and express what others simply cannot.

You and your gift are needed.

It is important that you move into an active and contributory life with your gift as soon as you recognize it as it is the master key to excellent results for you and for our world. But…

It’s Never Too Late!

Your gift isn’t limited by time, or place, or resources. It doesn’t run out or run dry. It is a vast and limitless supply within you.

How ever old you are, there is time. However tired you may be, there is a place for you.

It is never, ever, ever too late to find your gift and express it to its fullest.

As long as you are here, it is with you. As long as you are alive, there exists the opportunity for you to express your God-given gift.

What is a gift?

What is a Gift?

A gift is a specific ability that empowers you to outperform the vast majority of people in the expression of that ability. And to outperform them easily.

This particular ability in combination with the uniqueness of you and your knowledge and your experience holds in it the potential for truly remarkable results.

A gift gives you the power to do something better than others with ease.

There is a gift for every endeavour. And, though it may seem otherwise, every gift is equal. The differences reside in how these gifts are expressed, to what purpose, and to how high an aim.

The gift each of us possesses is capable of equal greatness in the fullest expression and most extraordinary potential of achievement.

To rise to the highest levels of success and excellence that one can achieve, one must express one’s gift.

Each of us has a gift, and it is ours with a purpose of positive contribution to the whole of us.

Each of us has a purpose. That purpose is revealed in the expression of our gift.

A gift holds within it the fulfillment of highest potential. It is the greatest means for the greatest purposeful contribution. It is the way to true excellence and highest achievement.

If you want to tap your fullest potential, if you want to work and contribute with purpose, if you want to achieve true excellence, learn to identify and express your gift.

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What is your gift?

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How to discover your gift
How to Find Your Gift

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