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How to Identify Your Gift – Five Ways

by | Jun 18, 2020

The ease with which you can outperform the next 10,000 people is part of what makes it your gift. But sometimes this sense of ease causes a person to not recognize their gift in the first place. Indeed, this “power at ease” may be what makes the gift difficult to identify.

A gift feels so easy to wield in the hands of the person blessed with it that they may take it for granted – they may not realize its specialness.

Sometimes the person may think, since they find it so easy to do, that “anyone can do it.” Perhaps on some level anyone can, but not like you. Not with your level of excellence that can peer into the next level, that can make real progress, that can move an endeavour forward. And this excellence is the key.

The challenge of correctly identifying your gift is the worthy work of a lifetime. There are many different ways to gather the information you need to ascertain your gift.

Let’s start with the best clue to identifying your gift and continue from there. It comes in recognizing the key principle at the core of every gift. Excellence.

As we look deeper into how to identify your gift, consider each of the following points carefully.

Not all points need to be represented. You may be able to identify possible candidates for your gift with a few of these.

This also means that connecting one or more of these points with a particular ability or event does not categorically identify your gift.

These are tools. Use them wisely.

Begin identifying abilities you think could be gifts, but then test them. Use what you learn here to prune away potentials until you identify your gift. Write your ideas down. Keep a journal. Most importantly, keep track of excellence in results.

So, what are the clues we have been given as to the identity of our gift?

How to Find Your Gift

Starting with excellence with ease, let’s continue on to see what other clues you have been given so far.

Can you remember a moment when:

You Achieved Excellence With Ease 

List those moments, however small they may seem, where you achieved excellence with ease. Look for a significant gap between your excellent result and the effort required to achieve it.

You Surprised Yourself 

Think of those moments you did something where you surprised yourself with how extraordinarily you performed. Even for a brief and shining moment, you surprised yourself with the superb result. “Whoa! Did I do that? Amazing.”

You Just Did It 

It is a visceral experience. You could have thought about how to accomplish the feat in front of you, but you didn’t need to. You were able to just “make it happen.” You may have achieved an excellent result with little or no specific training, or you surpassed the training in some way.

You Moved Others 

You did something that elicited a positive emotional reaction in someone outside yourself, a witness to your excellence or a recipient of it. They may have thought about what you accomplished later on, but in the moments they experienced you expressing your gift they didn’t think, they felt. In this way, your gift brings people into the now, into the present, into the active experience of life.

Can you think of a time when a person or people expressed a positive visceral reaction to your work? A time when they didn’t think first, they felt first? Look for those positive reactions in others that were involuntary. A vital clue! Find moments where you witness the witness.

You’ve Recognized Truly Great Examples Instinctively

You’ve been drawn to the “proper expression of the gift” by others with true appreciation (what may feel like love). You have been able to instantly recognize the “improper expression of the gift.”


Consider these identifying features of a gift to see what you can discover about that divine spark within you.

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All the best to you!

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