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How to Choose a Domain Name

by | Jul 3, 2019

Here is a guide on how to choose a domain name. We’d like to share this with you to help you get a leg up as you start your new venture.

Choosing a domain name is important for a few reasons:

It’s your brand.

It’s the first impression online visitors get of your project or company.

It affects SEO.

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You may want to bookmark this page for quick reference as you work to come up with your winning domain name.

Plum Foundry’s Guide to Choosing a Domain Name

 1. Shorter is better

Keep it easy to say and easy to type.

2. Make it easy to share

Can you say it to someone and have them get it without spelling or explaining it? Watch out for words that have multiple spellings.

3. Make it unique

A unique and memorable name is more likely to stick with your visitors and, in turn, encourage them to return.

4. Make it brandable

Avoid using general keywords in the domain name: just isn’t brandable. Think long-term.

Four Steps You Can Take to Create a Brandable Domain Name

Create a new word

Use a thesaurus like Power Thesaurus

Use a domain name generator like NameMesh

Use a business name generator like Anadea or Hipster Name Generator

5. Stick to a .com extension

Unless you have a specific reason not to, stick with .com. It’s still the most popular.

Other good options include:



Avoid unusual extensions like .shop or .biz and the like. The .com extension is still the best choice.

Consider a slight modification of your name if .com isn’t available.

There are always options.

6. Don’t use hyphens in the domain name

Leave this for multiword titles of pages and posts for your site.

7. Make it easy to remember

I like to test this. Tell someone a few of your name ideas and ask them a few hours or even a day later which ones they remember.

8. Check availability

Avoid infringement and confusion. Go beyond checking if the domain name is available.

Search the name and see if there is any possibility of infringement. Is there a company using the name in the same industry?

Start with a quality domain name checker like Dreamhost’s. Click here and scroll down to check the availability of your domain.

You’ll also want to check social media availability for the name. A helpful tool for this is Knowem.

Bonus Tip

Consider using your own name. This is an excellent way to build your brand. You may also want to secure your name as a domain for the future. Either way, it’s worth considering.

Additional Help

If you want even more options than the ones you’ve come up with you might consider using one of my favourite entrepreneur tools – a creative collective called Squadhelp.

They charge a fee and have a fantastic platform where hundreds of creatives compete to get you the best name based on your preferences and the description you provide.

Check out this video!


We recommend you watch this short video on How to Choose a Domain Name by Rand Fishkin at Moz for inspiration and clarification.

In conclusion

Following these guidelines should help you find the perfect domain name for your venture.

Plum Foundry wishes you every success!

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