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Ecommerce Platforms – Zen Cart Review

by | Jun 24, 2019

12. Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an open-sourced, community-based e-commerce platform with a completely customizable source code, so you’ll want to have some technical skills if you’re going to use it.

At present, nearly 20,000 companies use this platform. Most users are in the restaurant and retail industries.

While there may be dedicated Zen Cart users who love its customizability, there are other platforms I would, and have, chosen to run my e-commerce business.

That said, it is highly customizable and stable, but you’ll need a serious developer to get the most out of this platform.

The real advantage here is that this is a free option that competes with some of the heavier, high-priced e-commerce platforms out there.


Ease of Use

This is an open source shopping cart system which requires developer assistance. The system is not the most user-friendly.

Design Quality

Zen Cart is not known for its beautiful websites. However, the e-commerce functions have a good reputation for their stability.

Mobile Usability

There are responsive themes available, but this is really dependent on the work of the developer.


Requires coding abilities and you handle hosting requirements.

Customer Support

There is no formal customer support. Users rely on community forums.


There are basic discount, coupon, loyalty cards, email confirmations, and group-purchase functions available. Plugins are required for more extensive marketing.


This platform is quite stable and offers some room to grow, though it is mostly used by small and mid-sized businesses.


Free though additional costs for a developer are required.

Take a look at ZenCart.


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