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Ecommerce Platforms – Wix Review

by | Jun 21, 2019

10. Wix

Wix is a hosted all-in-one website builder best suited to online portfolios and small businesses. They have added e-commerce functions for online store capability.

They are one of the most popular website builders as they host over 100 million websites. Like Squarespace, they market themselves as the ideal home for artists (especially photographers and musicians), freelancers, and small businesses.

They also have an incredibly user-friendly drag-and-drop builder you can use to easily customize your site and store.  They also offer to have your site “built for free by their AI builder.”

Here, the user is required to buy the premium packages to connect their Wix store to their own domain.

Wix offers a free plan, but you don’t get your own domain name (it’s a Wix subdomain) and there are Wix ads on the site.  The free version also provides none of the functions needed to run an online store, advanced blog, or authority site.



Ease of Use

It makes good use of the drag-and-drops editor to make a website and store. Many people consider this to be the best website builder, but they aren’t nearly as powerful a store platform as the e-commerce platforms that top this list.

No coding skills at all are required to build a stunning site.

Design Quality

They have some of the most beautiful website designs (second only perhaps to Squarespace – depending on your aesthetic taste).

Mobile Usability

This platform automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your site for you and you can use the Mobile Editor to further customize the mobile version.


Very easy to maintain. Hosting technicalities are all taken care of.

Customer Support

They offer support by email or phone from Monday to Thursday, 5am-5pm EST. Users also rely on community forums much like open-source folks do.


While Weebly and Squarespace have introduced marketing tools to help site owners expand their audience and customer base, Wix has taken this a step further with Wix Ascend

Wix Ascend offers (for added fees from $9 – $45) an impressive range of features including live chat Wix automations (personalized messages and notifications), email marketing, social media posts, and SEO.


Scalability and functionality vary by plan, but (as with Weebly) this would only be suitable for small business or perhaps those that only feature a few products or services.

You’ll likely have to spend on third-party apps to scale up your store.


They offer three e-commerce plans: Business Basic $20, Business Unlimited $25, and Business VIP $35.

You can always sign up for the free version to get some idea of what it’s like before you buy. There’s a 14 day money-back guarantee on business plans, but no free trial.

Take a look at Wix.


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