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Ecommerce Platforms – Volusion Review

by | Jun 20, 2019

5. Volusion

Volusion is similar to Shopify and BigCommerce platforms where you are effectively renting your store on a monthly basis on their platform. In exchange you get the conveniences and power of a large, hosted e-commerce platform.

Volusion is a cloud-hosted e-commerce platform. Much of its popularity (the platform has some 30,000 users) comes from its having most of the features you need already set up in its dashboard – so no need to track down and install plugins.

It also has a feature that allows you to take phone orders directly from the dashboard – Shopify has something similar, but does not let you complete the sale with the same efficiency.  A win for Volusion.

With features such as search functionality, inventory management, the knowledge center, and solid themes to choose from, this platform is quite welcoming and user-friendly.

They also allow you to have a network of stores and offer a 10% discount if you do.



Ease of Use

This platform is easy to use among e-commerce platforms. It has recently been redesigned so that the two original versions of the software are now one simpler more user-friendly version.

The platform easy to learn for beginners and Volusion walks you through certain functions. For example, when you click to set up a discount, a screen pops up to walk you through the decision making process. 


Design Quality

Volusion themes are built around the idea of quality over quantity.  There aren’t that many to choose from, but the themes they have are good ones.

Premium themes are available for $150 – $200.

Mobile Usability

You can’t process orders easily with a mobile device like you can with Shopify or BigCommerce. You’ll need a computer since there’s no dedicated POS app.

They do have an app for you to monitor your store and they do have responsive themes.


Maintaining this platform is easy due to a wide availability of custom-selected tools.

They handle all the technicals of hosting for you.

Customer Support

They have a solid 24/7 support team and an extensive tutorials collection.


You can create discounts and deals from your dashboard to increase conversions.  There is limited email marketing, but it’s available.  It also has social media integrations to help you sell on Instagram and Pinterest.

One cool feature is their Deal of the Day, which allows you to create promotional pricing. They have other nice marketing tools, you just have to make sure they’re part of your plan as they’re not available across the board.


As Volusion applies sales limits to its plans, you’ll need to address this and upgrade to more expensive plans as you grow. That said, it has all the power and the options to scale with you as you grow your business.


Pricing plans are similar to competitors: the personal plan goes for $29, while the professional goes for $79 and the business plan goes for $299.

There is an additional cost if you choose a premium theme so check out the ones you like first.

There is a 15-day free trial period so you can take it for a test drive before you buy.

Take a look at Volusion.


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