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Ecommerce Platforms – Shopify Review

by | Jun 8, 2019 | Ecommerce

1. Shopify

Shopify the industry-leading, hosted e-commerce platform available today.  In the following review you’ll see exactly why we rank it the number one e-commerce platform.

It gives its users a platform through which an array of services are provided such as marketing, shipping, and customer interaction means so as to be able to run an online store for small traders.

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So far, it has over 600,000 users with gross goods volume of $82 billion. Shopify is the leading e-commerce solution with more than 600,000 active stores, $63billion in sales and over 3000 employees.

They handle all the technicals of hosting for you and this cost is built into their plans.  But remember, what you gain in convenience, you sacrifice in control.  This is why there are generally two paths (with variations) to choose from — one where you essentially rent a store space and own the name (Shopify, BigCommerce, et al.) and one where you control everything by combining a web host (like Dreamhost) with a website builder (like WordPress).

Affiliate store marketing is available here and is supported through multiple channels (a serious consideration for any serious entrepreneur — get others selling for you!)

Ease of Use

It is extremely easy to set up and use, hence quite accommodating for new users.

Furthermore, the tools are easily available and still has quite a lot to offer. In addition, it also has an offline solution platform that helps a user integrate already set up operations. This also helps the user to grow together with the platform step by step.

Design Quality

With a lot of rather sophisticated designs, a user is almost assured of getting something they like more easily. Through the demo templates, one can be able to change and tune them to suit their needs and wants.

Mobile Usability

This platform has been optimized for mobile phones and tablets.


It is quite easy to run and maintain. With the availability of straight put out processes and ready-made templates, navigation through the same is quite manageable.

They handle all the technicals of hosting for you.

Customer Support

A 24/7 customer care support team assures users of maximum support and minimal downtime for their store.


Even though it provides an array of options, general marketing of a specific platform largely works with the user’s aggressiveness and effort put to work.


Shopify has all the room to grow and scale your business.  It is highly stable and processes high volume transactions with ease and precision.  Growing your store is easy and natural here.


At the start, it gives the user a limited time trial option so that they can experience exactly what it has to offer. After the elapsing of this, one has to pick on a defined payment plan that majorly includes a basic one of $29 monthly, $79 for the normal and $299 for the advanced.  No hidden costs.

If you want a store that is user-friendly, easy to manage, has all the room to grow, has the leading apps, has beautiful design themes to choose from, and has almost instant access to new products and manufacturers, and if you want very little or even nothing to do with coding — this is the platform for you.

Take it for a test drive.  See for yourself.

Take a look at Shopify.

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