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Ecommerce Platforms – BigCommerce Review

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

3. BigCommerce

The next biggest hosted e-commerce platform for an online store after Shopify is BigCommerce.  It has grown since its inception in 2009 to have over 456 employees. It’s a full SaaS platform as well as a shopping cart for other websites.

BigCommerce most similar to Shopify in that it provides all the tools you require to run a professional store and more right out of the box. Shopify seems to have a slight advantage with add-ons and extensions.

They also handle hosting and this cost is built into their plans.  But remember, you are trading a certain amount of control for convenience.

That said, BigCommerce is a fully optimized e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes. You can start small but, just like Shopify, the sky’s the limit.

When it comes to orders, marketing, clients, products, and analytics, they are all handled with ease on this platform.

BigCommerce is surely one of the best platforms.


Ease of Use

This platform makes the day-to-day running of a store easy, clear, and intuitive. Moreover, its dashboard is an all-inclusive panel with everything you need including a search tool. 

The initial set-up is fairly straightforward. However, if you’re not conversant with digital stuff, you can access their professional support assistance.


Design Quality

There are plenty of themes to choose from, but the premium themes are going to cost an extra $150 or so.

The customizable designs are appropriate for all kinds and nature of commerce. In addition, the premium designs looks dazzlingly good.

Mobile Usability

This e-commerce platform is optimized for mobile use and viewing using smartphones.


Routine design and maintenance services are only easily available and affordable.

They handle all the technicals of hosting for you and, like Shopify, they do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of store management and function.

Customer Support

On their customer support page all common questions are comprehensively answered, but if your query won’t be sufficiently handled, the live chat, e-mail and call services have the answer.


Its integration into other channels provides a wider marketing spectrum. Some of the supported strategies include; marketing automation, promotions and incentives, customer referrals, SEO, and more.


The platform is highly scalable and simple, but sales limits are set to your plan, so you’ll have to upgrade plans to scale up your business.


Standard $29.95, Plus 79.95, Pro 249.75, and Enterprise whose price varies according to the nature of customization needed. 

There is an additional cost if you choose a premium theme and some are expensive.

There is a 15-day free trial period, thereafter, you will be offered four options all of which will be billed monthly.

Take a look at BigCommerce.


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